The X-Press Converter Tools shown below will address most fleets’ connection needs. If the¬†products shown below do not meet your unique needs, contact us for a custom solution.


How we connect

The XCT is made to last for years and is fully warranted. We guarantee success in eliminating connection issues when dealing with double and triple trailers, even using tandem dollies !!


Our Standard X-Press Converter Tool is designed for most dollies when hooking up to pups. The 5 ton pintle hook and DOT approved location of the gusset plate guarantees a secure connection from the dolly to the trailer.


Uniquely designed for reefers, we offer the Extended X-Press Converter Tool. This model is longer to account for the cooling system incorporated into the trailer. Certain dollies with longer noses may require the extended product as well.


Created for the heaviest loads, the Tandem X-Press Converter Tool utilizes a 15 ton pintle hook and gusset plate.  The gusset plate is specially made to move those 3-4 ton double axle trailers around with ease. Your full-size trailers can now be connected in 10 minutes with very little work by your driver.



We offer several connection strategies.

Welded Plate & Hook

Shown is three pictures of our gusset plate and pintle hook.  This will be welded onto your trailer to allow for the XCT to control your dolly effectively just making your first trailer longer preventing any movement by your dolly. Connections guaranteed to reduce work by 50% because there is no staging of the dolly needed.

Bolt on Plate

Bolt on gusset plate is another connection option.  Drill 4 holes where the gusset plate is to be installed and DONE.  The welding and primary work is all done at our factory to lessen your implementation task and time.

Bumper Connection






Shown is our new addition to the XCT product line.  The bumper connection means quick installation and eliminates any cost (other than drilling) on an each trailer basis.  The plate/pintle will reside on the dolly on a carrier and is ready for use when trailers to be connected.