The X-Press Converter Tool allows for safer handling of the converter dolly. An additional handle gives the driver better control and keeps hands clear of the eye of the dolly. Also, by handling the converter dolly only once, drivers minimize the possibility of back injuries. For an aging workforce, this is a must. Using the X-Press Converter Tool will increase your bottom line with reduced injuries and worker’s compensation claims, while increasing worker retention rates.

Single axle dollies weigh 2500-3000 pounds and tandem dollies 6500-7000 pounds.  The driver is lifting anywhere from 50-150 pounds when connecting dollies to trailers.  Maneuvering them three times in a fifteen to forty-five minute time window is taxing to say the least.  Get rid of this work load on your drivers and get them driving sooner.  The X-Press Converter Tool will do that for you and make this task safer, immediately.