Double and triple trailer loads increase efficiency and improve the bottom line but hooking up the second and third trailer is challenging, time consuming, and dangerous. With the X-Press Converter Tool, drivers hook-up in half the time, resulting in lower fuel consumption and increased miles driven. When multiplied across an entire fleet, the savings from the X-Press Converter Tool will dramatically increase productivity.

Today the driver has to first connect to a dolly where they are stored on the yard and drop that dolly in front of the 2nd trailer, hopefully very close to the 2nd trailer and in a straight line.  Then the driver connects to the lead trailer and backs it up as close to the dolly as possible.  After connecting the dolly to the lead trailer he/she then backs up the trailer and dolly combination under the 2nd trailer.  If experienced driver, good surface conditions and done perfectly, the minimum time will be 15 minutes after handling the converter dolly three times.  HOW ABOUT HANDLING THE DOLLY ONCE AND WITH NO CONCERN ON SURFACE COMPLETING THIS TASK IN 7 MINUTES ?  Triples take 30-45 minutes on average, how about 15 minutes РEVERY TIME with the X-Press Converter Tool ?